Dead Cat Bounce To Play Bela Dubby

Dead Cat Bounce

As the Occupy Wall Street movement spreads around the globe, saxophonist Matt Steckler’s Dead Cat Bounce sextet comes to Bela Dubby in Lakewood on Thursday, Oct. 20. I have no idea about Steckler’s political views, but the name of the group, formed 15 years ago, surely puts them in step with the current economic landscape (the term “dead cat bounce” signifying a small, brief recovery in the price of a declining stock).

The group’s music, however, is far from somber, breadline stuff. With a frontline featuring four saxophonists (Steckler, Jared Sims, Terry Goss, Charlie Kohlhase), backed by bassist Dave Ambrosio and drummer Bill Carbone, the band blows loud and proud with all the expected bounce. Their tunes can have a juke joint dance quality to them, but just as easily slip into lush passages befitting a big band. And the soloing is freer than either of these formats generally allows, bringing the thrash of modern, individualistic wailing to bear on the composed dance music. Should be a rollicking evening.

Dead Cat Bounce is touring in support of their new Cuneiform Records release, Chance Episodes. Cleveland free-jazz band Oblique Orchestra opens the show. Music starts at 8:30 p.m.


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