Jamey Haddad All-Star Trio Sparks Lakeland Jazz Festival

A rollicking set last night from drummer Jamey Haddad’s All-Star Trio at the Lakeland Jazz Fest. The show capped a three-night tour of Northeast Ohio by the group that ran eastward from Oberlin to Nighttown to Lakeland. Haddad and pianist Leo Blanco have played together for years, but Blanco said he had never even met bassist Roberto Occhipinti until earlier in the week. It didn’t show. The trio, which focused on compositions by Blanco, danced as comfortable partners, weaving in and out of the shifting melodies and rhythms that cast the distinctive Latin glow of Blanco’s native Venezuela. It was nice to hear Haddad behind the kit, instead of working solely with hand drums and other percussion instruments, although he played these as well, including stints on the djembe, box drum, and a tambourine-like instrument he claims he never leaves home without.

You can view some more of my photos from the event at AllAboutJazz.com. My full review of the show, along with tonight’s performance by the Chris Potter Quartet, will appear at AAJ soon.

Set list:
Azul de manicuare (Leo Blanco)
So In Love (Cole Porter)
Perú landó (Blanco)
Poconos (Blanco)
Roots & Effect (Blanco)
Vals #5 (Blanco)
Brother Jack (Billy Drewes)
Africa Latina (Blanco)


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